Capital Policy Analytics

A consultancy that provides economic analysis to businesses both in the U.S. and abroad regarding how government policies affect markets and the broader economy.

Knowledge, Clarity & Breadth

Our innate knowledge of Congress and the Administration, combined with the ability to write clearly and succinctly grabs and keeps the attention of harried Congressional staffers and Administration officials. Through a large network of affiliated scholars , we have an expertise that cuts across all aspects of economic policy. We believe that the services of Capital Policy Analytics cannot be found anywhere else.

Ike Brannon - Economist "How Things 'Work' in DC

With 15 years in DC, Ike Brannon has the experience and credibility in the places that count. He shares his story and some insights he has picked up along the way. A lifelong basketball enthusiast, he shares a story of the White House basketball court and where the President plays basketball.