The Administration’s Cynical Fight Against Corporate Inversions

This article originally appeared at the Weekly Standard. Click here to read the full article.

By Ike Brannon

A wizened soul who worked in the bowels of the United States Treasury in the Eisenhower administration once explained to me all that is wrong with the U.S. tax code. He opined that every so often politicians perceive—rightly or wrongly—a “problem” with the tax code and resolve to fix it. The fix seems elemental taken alone: If we want more of a good thing we should tax it less, or tax it more if it is a bad thing—or disallow it all together. But do this a couple dozen times a year, and in a mere 28 years—the time that’s elapsed since passage of the 1986 Tax Reform Act—we are left with a profoundly convoluted tax code that is complicated, at odds with itself, and not at all amenable to economic growth.



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