I’ve Saved Thousands of Dollars Waiting to Get on ObamaCare

This article originally appeared in the Weekly Standard. Click here to read the full article.

By Ike Brannon

My wife woke up Saturday with a badly swollen knee. We had no idea what could have caused it—her hot yoga class puts her in poses that put stress on the knee but she didn’t remember the knee hurting during her last session.

We called a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon who ventured a long-distance diagnosis— bursitis was his hunch—and recommended that before we go to the emergency room she give it rest and plenty of ice and see if the swelling recedes. After a few days it did, thankfully.

I am especially thankful because we don’t have health insurance. For almost four months we have been waiting for the D.C. Health Exchange to process our application to purchase health insurance, and we are no nearer to having health insurance today than we were when we started the process.  And we have become adept at economizing on health spending as a result.

We applied for health insurance on the exchange in early November: that it took six or seven tries to get through the entire application on the exchange website was frustrating, albeit comical, but as January approached and no confirmation of our application was forthcoming it became worrisome. I called the exchange, which had no record of my application, and gave them my information over the phone. A few days I called back and they asked for my information again, and we repeated the process again the following week.  And then silence.



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